When Does a Tree Need to be Removed?

tree removal experts charleston scTrees can be some of your yard’s greatest assets. They provide cover from intense sunshine and torrential rain, improve air quality, produce nutritious fruits and enhance the look of your property, to name just a few benefits. However, a tree that’s become damaged or disease-riddled can become a liability, and it’s important to recognize when one might need to be removed in order to avoid damage or injury.

Here’s a checklist to help you decide whether it’s time to call in the tree removal experts:


Check for bulging soil and fungus growth around the root zone of your tree, which can be signs of internal rot.


Is there any swelling or cracking of the trunk? Is the trunk hollow? A tree can live in this condition for years, but if one third or more of the trunk is hollow the strength of the tree has been compromised and a storm could bring it crashing down.

Is the tree leaning noticeably in one direction? This could be a sign that the roots on that side are struggling, and the foundations of the tree have been weakened.


Are there any dead or hanging branches which might fall? Can you see bark peeling away from limbs? Is there a lack of fine twigs with buds? If so your tree might be on its last legs.


If you need help with assessing or removing a tree give us a call. Our team of tree removal experts will be happy to help.

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  1. Evergreen Garden says:

    Nice post! The trunk, roots and crown comprise the entire tree structure. Watching out for abnormalities with these parts is a must. As mentioned above, a hollow tree trunk is an extremely dangerous condition. A tree with a weak trunk could come down anytime. Rotten root system with a fungal infection, bacteria, canopy that is infested with pests, etc., are conditions that weaken the tree. When these situations are left uncared for, the tree might be requiring removal. Must-know for all tree owners. Thanks for this post!

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