Tree Planting Tips

how-to-plant-a-treeCharleston Stump Stompers is on a mission to encourage you to plant more trees and take better care of them. Trees benefit us in so many ways, from cooling your home (and saving you money on the AC bill at the same time) to emitting oxygen, but there are some things to consider before you go ahead and plant one.

Tree Planting Tips

1. How big will your tree grow? Make sure it won’t interfere with power lines or any part of your property once it reaches its full height and width.

2. How fast will it grow? Trees which are slower to develop normally outlive ones which grow faster.

3. What are your trees sustenance requirements? What sort of soil does it thrive on? How much sunshine and moisture does it need? Try to stick with trees which are native to your state and will naturally thrive in those specific environments.

4. How much clearing up after your tree are you prepared to do? For minimal maintenance pick coniferous trees (those evergreen varieties) and avoid ones that bear fruit.

5. How spacious is the potential planting site? A columnar tree will grow in less space, while round and V-shaped species provide the most shade.

Once you plant your tree its important to prune it carefully in order for it to grow correctly and healthily, and reach its full potential. Charleston Stump Stompers is always happy to tackle this delicate task for you, or to answer any questions you might have regarding tree care.

Happy planting!

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