Pruning Trees and Shrubs for Spring

After an unseasonably cold Winter here in Charleston we are now thankfully on the cusp of a warmer, more vibrant season, which makes now the perfect time to give your yard or garden a bit of TLC.

When is the best time for pruning trees and shrubs?

To enable your garden to bloom in all its florid glory, the best time for pruning trees and shrubs is before the Spring. During Winter leaves and fruits are dormant, making it easier to identify any issues and handle them effectively. With the right treatment your yard will be at its best and ready for you to enjoy through the warm months to come.

What are the benefits of pruning during late Winter / early Spring

1. Better Health: Removing dead or diseased branches stops the spread of fungal infections and encourages maximum exposure to sunlight, allowing the healthy bulk of the tree to flourish.

2. Sound Structure: Pruning trees, young and old, improves branch architecture and  prevents the potential for costly problems further down the road.

4. Improved Appearance: Sculpting your trees and shrubs at least once a year keeps your landscape looking neat and tidy. It also ensures you get to enjoy unhindered views from your property while maintaining privacy where desired.

5. Ensures Safety: Trimming deadwood and precarious low-handing limbs can prevent potential hazards to personal safety, not to mention costly damage to your property.

Charleston Stomp Stumpers is here to help improve the health and beauty of your yard by pruning trees and shrubs for Spring. Contact us >

pruning trees and shrubs

Recent work done by Charleston Stump Stompers & Tree Service at a horse farm in Ravenel, SC

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