Ultimate Guide to Prepare your Yard for Spring

Preparing your yard for Spring may not seem like a “must do” but a little bit goes a long way in maintaining the health of your yard. Check out our ultimate guide to prepare your yard for Spring that will end up saving your yard, and your pocketbook in the long run.

Inspect Trees & Shrubs

Be especially mindful of standing water or flood damage. Assess any trees that seem to be in critical risk. Refer to our checklist to help determine the health of your trees. If you suspect a tree is in ailing health, be sure to consult a professional arborist to determine whether removal and or pest and disease treatments are necessary.

Prune Dead Trees

Trim dead and excess growth off of trees and shrubs in your yard. Pruning promotes healthy growth by eliminating parts of the shrub that are dead, infested with harmful insects or damaged by weather. It also allows you to shape the growth of the tree or shrub, resulting in a more aesthetic appearance.

Plant New Trees

Trees benefit us in so many ways, from cooling your home (and saving you money on the AC bill at the same time) to emitting oxygen, but there are some things to consider before you go ahead and plant one.

Mulch your Landscape

Spread a thin layer of mulch over the base of plants during the height of the summer heat. Mulch is full of beneficial soil nutrients and is dense enough to protect a plant’s roots and stalk from the sun. Mulching in conjunction with frequent watering will ensure that your plants never go thirsty.

Fertilize Trees

Fertilizing in the spring jump starts your lawn from its winter slumber. It provides a nutrient build up that will give it the strength to withstand heat stress and drought through the summer months.

Eliminate Crabgrass Before It Grows

Timing is critical as crabgrass preventer must be applied prior to the soil temperatures reaching 55-60 degrees. After this point the weed seeds will have begun to germinate and the pre-emergent will no longer be effective. An important thing to note is that crabgrass is VERY difficult to get rid of once it has germinated.

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