How Healthy Are Your Trees: A Checklist

How often do you examine your trees for signs of disease or decay? Just like us they need regular health checks, so we’ve compiled this handy list of things to look out for:

What color are the leaves?

Are some turning yellow instead of the normal vibrant green?

What size and shape are the leaves?

Are some smaller than average? Can you see any that are growing in unusual shapes?

Is it growing properly?

Are the shoots sprouting in a healthy fashion?

Are there signs of fungus?

Can you see mushrooms, patches of discoloration or deformities on the trunk?

Are there signs of infestation?

Are there holes or other evidence of insects living in the tree?

How healthy are your trees? If any of the above is causing you concern contact Charleston Stump Stompers. Our exert arborists will be able to provide proper diagnosis and treatment.

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